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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Развлечения / Поступления - 2009г.

Книги этого раздела

Vertigo: A Novel in Woodcuts

2211.00 руб.*

Lynd Ward

Vertigo: A Novel in Woodcuts

Vincente Minnelli: The Art of Entertainment (Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television Series)

3669.00 руб.*

Vincente Minnelli: The Art of Entertainment (Contemporary Approaches to Film and Television Series)

Widely known for innovative films like Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, and The Band Wagon, Vincente Minnelli also directed classic film comedies like Father of the Bride and Designing Woman, and melodramas such as The Bad and the Beautiful and Some Came Running. Though his work is beloved by filmmakers and audiences alike, Minnelli has nonetheless received very little critical attention in English. Vincente Minnelli: The Art of Entertainment remedies this imbalance, offering the first-ever comprehensive and scholarly examination of Minnelli's career within a variety of discourses and methods.
Violin Classics- Intermediate Level: Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Volume 2078

2215.00 руб.*

Violin Classics- Intermediate Level: Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics Volume 2078

Compilations of violin literature appropriate for students, arranged by difficulty level.
Visions of Aging: Images of the Elderly in Film

7113.00 руб.*

Amir Cohen-Shalev

Visions of Aging: Images of the Elderly in Film

The interface of old age and cinema provides a fascinating yet uncharted territory in the humanities and social sciences. Two central perspectives are explored: movies on old age by old filmmakers; and movies on old age by younger artists. The first perspective focuses on the cinematic representation of ageing from within, whereas the second examines the ways ageing is viewed from the outside. The distinction is based on the schism between the phenomenology of ageing and its social representation: The one hinges on intrinsic qualities of 'old age style' or 'late style'; the second addresses attitudes towards old age in general as well as towards ageing artists and the reception (or rejection) of their late films.The author combines these general perspectives as it shifts between text and context, beginning with ageing from the outside in order to introduce the semantics and pragmatics of the context (reception and filmmaking stylistic change, midlife images of old age), and continuing...
Vuelvo al sur - 10 Tangos and Other Pieces: Solo Accordion

1727.00 руб.*

James Crabb

Vuelvo al sur - 10 Tangos and Other Pieces: Solo Accordion

Ten magnificent tangos and other characteristic pieces by the Argentinian master of tango nuevo, Astor Piazzolla, skillfully arranged for accordion by the world-class performer James Crabb. Included are "Vuelvo al sur" and "Los suenos" from the soundtrack to the film Sur by Fernando Solanas.
We're Desperate: The Punk Rock Photography of Jim Jocoy, SF/LA 1978-1980

3605.00 руб.*

Jim Jocoy, Thurston Moore, Exene Cervenka

We're Desperate: The Punk Rock Photography of Jim Jocoy, SF/LA 1978-1980

Interview by Thurston Moore. Essay by Exene. Introduction by Marc Jacobs. 1977: Punk rock music and fashion blew out of New York City, exploded in London, and caught like wildfire in San Francisco, Los Angeles and the world over. It developed concurrently everywhere, and every region had it's own identity. But it was in San Francisco and L.A. where the most radical behavior in stateside punk rockk style and attitude was exhibited. It was anti-hippie, anti-disco, anti-parent and anti-"nice". And it was shockingly new. These photos are ground zero of punk rock style - delirious innovation and a snarling takeover of youth culture still resonating more than 20 years hence. Jim Jocoy, traveling between S.F. and L.A., shot portraits of every interesting punk rock personality who caught his eye - with each subject posed amidst the scene's ruinous and chaotic environment. Some were musicians and some were artists. All were fans and enthusiasts. And they were the original creators of what is...
Wedding Flowers

1231.00 руб.*

Antonia Swinson

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. This invaluable little book offers plenty of floral ideas for your big day, each pictured with notes to tell you what the flowers are and suggest finishing touches. In Flowers for the Bride, traditional and contemporary bouquet styles are covered, plus a colour spectrum from ivory to hot pink. Flowers for Bridesmaids includes posies to suit every attendant, plus floral bags and hair decorations. Buttonholes and Corsages range from classic to cutting-edge, while Flowers for the Reception encompasses decorating tables and chairs, plus original ideas for place names. With "Wedding Flowers", you can plan the look of your whole day with confidence.
Wedding Papercrafts: 35 Beautiful Easy-to-make Projects for That Special Occasion

2398.00 руб.*

Ann Brownfield, Jane Cassini

Wedding Papercrafts: 35 Beautiful Easy-to-make Projects for That Special Occasion

Planning a wedding can be a stressful and expensive process, but you can reduce the cost without having to sacrifice style by creating some gorgeous decorations, place settings, accessories, and more with the help of this fantastic guide by Ann Brownfield and Jane Cassini. There are ideas for all stages of the wedding planning, and for making keepsakes afterward. The beautiful hand-crafted invitations add a personal touch to announcing your engagement, while the confetti boxes are great for storing dried rose petals to be strewn over the happy couple after the ceremony. The favor bags made from gorgeous Japanese Kyoseishi paper are perfect for filing with treats for guests and the paper bride with her pearl bouquet looks stunning on top of the wedding cake. There is even a project for a photo album to store the treasured pictures of the happy day. *35 projects with beautiful step-by-step photography *Ideas for every step of the wedding arrangements--from wedding planner to...
Wedding Songs: Piano Duet Play-Along Volume 25

1861.00 руб.*

Hal Leonard Corp.

Wedding Songs: Piano Duet Play-Along Volume 25

This great series comes with a CD that features separate tracks for the Primo and Secondo parts - perfect for practice and performance! Volume 25 includes 8 great songs for going down the aisle: Bless the Broken Road * From This Moment On * Grow Old with Me * Here and Now * I Will Be Here * Sunrise, Sunset * We've Only Just Begun * Wedding Song (There Is Love).

1159.00 руб.*


Our matching folio to the latest self-titled Weezer release - described as "cheerfully restless" by the "All Music Guide" - features notes and tab transcriptions for all 10 songs: The Angel and the One. Automatic. Cold Dark World. Dreamin'. Everybody Get Dangerous. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. Heart Songs. Pork and Beans. Thought I Knew. Troublemaker.
Welcome to the Company (or what it's really like working here)

1201.00 руб.*

Eileen McVety

Welcome to the Company (or what it's really like working here)

Unlike some other companies (which we won't name here), we at The Gordon Wiggins Group want you to become fully versed in our rules, regulations, and corporate culture as quickly as possible. So we've provided for you (at the low cost of only $9.95, which you can pay now or which can be deducted from your first paycheck - your choice!) our official Employee Handbook, which you will soon come to know and love as your bible! We're so pleased that you've decided to join our little family, and with our help, we know that in no time at all you'll be a productive and essential team member! We're confident you'll find your employment experience at The Gordon Wiggins Group to be a richly satisfying one. Not overly confident, mind you. Like we wouldn't lay money on it...but hey, it's a job, right? So quit your griping. - Your Human Resources Department
WoD Inferno (World of Darkness)

3688.00 руб.*

White Wolf

WoD Inferno (World of Darkness)

A resource for portraying demons in the World of Darkness, from spirits of evil to the Hierarchies of Hell, with information on summoning and pacting with demons.
WoD Slasher (World of Darkness)

4063.00 руб.*

Chuck Wendig

WoD Slasher (World of Darkness)

A Chronicle Book for World of DarknessAEand Hunter: The Vigil

Показано: 13 книг из 208 (с 196 по 208), всего страниц 14

Books in English / Развлечения / Поступления - 2009г.



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