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Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung, A Memoir

OZON.ru - Онлайн мегамаркет № 1

В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung, A Memoir

3046.00 руб.*

Martha Mason

Breath: Life in the Rhythm of an Iron Lung, A Memoir

Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 300
Book Description"I live with a stable of nightmares," Martha Mason writes, "but hope keeps them in harness." Some might wonder how Martha could have clung to hope at all. In 1948, on the day of the funeral of her adored older brother Gaston, a quick victim of the great polio epidemic, Martha was struck with the same dreaded disease. After a year in polio hospitals, she was sent back to her home in the village of Lattimore in the cotton-growing hills of western North Carolina. She was completely paralyzed, with only her head protruding from an 800-pound yellow metal cylinder that breathed for her. Doctors told her parents that she likely wouldn't live for more than a year. But the doctors hadn't counted on Martha's will, or the hope that drives her still. An avid reader, she dreamed of being a writer, and after finishing high school in her iron lung, she went on to nearby Gardner-Webb College, then to Wake Forest University, where she was graduated first in her class and...

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Lessons From Summer School

2315.00 руб.*

David M. Perkins

Lessons From Summer School

Book DescriptionHow do you rebuild a shattered life after enduring personal tragedy followed by the onset of terminal cancer? What is it like to cruise the entire Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Keys and the Bahama Islands? How does it feel to embark on a new adventure with a loving partner who shares your every enthusiasm and experience? These totally different questions are all addressed in "Lessons from Summer School" as Dave Perkins tells how learning to live andcruise on a small boat helped him recover from the cumulative disasters of a brain injury to his wife, the divorce that followed, the inexplicable death of his oldest son, and a diagnosis of leukemia. It is a superb story, an upbeat and positive tale of two people, partners in a quest, overcoming sickness and the wounds of the past, learning about themselves and life as they travel aboard a boat affectionately named "Summer School."
Famous Paintings As Seen And Described By Famous Writers

4076.00 руб.*

Famous Paintings As Seen And Described By Famous Writers

Book Description1902. With Numerous Illustrations. Essays written by such authors as F.A. Gruyer, John Ruskin, Cosmo Monkhouse, Carl Justi, F. G. Stephens, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Theopile Gautier and J. Buisson on works by Raphael, Crivelli, Van Eyck, Velasquez, Titian, Gainsborough, Carpaccio, Rembrandt, Reynolds, Rubens, Correggio and da Vinci.
You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

1553.00 руб.*

Wesley Gibson

You Are Here: A Memoir of Arrival

Book DescriptionThrough the past decade, America's most popular TV sitcoms--among them Friends, Seinfeld, and Will & Grace--have cast a spotlight on roommates and neighbors in Manhattan. Now Wesley Gibson tells the true, stranger-than-fiction tale of what really happens when you move to the city that never sleeps. Paired through a roommate service with a stranger named John, Gibson sets out to make his way in the daunting and glorious city of his dreams. Whether he is applying for a series of extremely odd jobs, using his wiles to play the Manhattan real estate game, or recalling the winding path that has made New York his "end of the road," Gibson's keen wit and hilarious insights bring a smile (and perhaps a wince) of recognition to anyone who has everhad to make it on his own in a strange city. What Gibson eventually discovers--in this place where friends are family and family are strangers--is that the invisible bonds that develop between virtual strangers in the city can...
The Price We Paid : A Life Experience in the Khmer Rouge Regime, Cambodia

2080.00 руб.*

Vatey Seng

The Price We Paid : A Life Experience in the Khmer Rouge Regime, Cambodia

Book DescriptionApril 17, 1975?the Communist Khmer Rouge Regime seized power and forced Cambodians of all ages into slavery, turning their lives upside down. This resulted in the death of more than 1.5 million Cambodians out of roughly 8 million population due to forced labor, starvation, and execution. Author Vatey Seng was only thirteen years old when the Khmer Rouge took control. The Price We Paid is her vivid and haunting memoir of the atrocities of the regime. Vatey recounts everything from the initial occupation through the indoctrination and application of the Khmer Rouge?s ways of life. Every aspect of her family?s life was impacted as the new government achieved its goals through child labor, slavery, and genocide. Vatey?s memories provide a glimpse into what the people of Cambodia endured during this dark regime?a regime that totally devastated her beloved country. The Price We Paid also follows the aftermath of the regime....
Double Vision : A Self-Portrait

2489.00 руб.*

Walter Abish

Double Vision : A Self-Portrait

Book DescriptionDoes one ever escape from the family? How much do we understand about our own past? How do we come to be who we are? Walter Abish, the internationally acclaimed author of How German Is It, examines these questions through the prism of his own experience, and confronts and encapsulates the historic upheavals of the mid-twentieth century in this brilliant, deceptively simple, and quietly wrenching account of his two journeys. The first begins in Vienna, where Abish was born in the 1930s in the Jewish, but not-too-Jewish, household of a prosperous perfumer. Then it ricochets around the world as his parents flee first to France (his mother had to sneak alone across the Italian border), then to war-torn Shanghai under Japanese occupation, just ahead of Mao’s army, then to Israel. Incapable of understanding his family’s desperate situation, Abish as a boy creates his own private world, filtering out precarious and terrifying realities. ...
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