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Life After Life : A Story of Rage and Redemption

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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Известные люди / Мемуары

Life After Life : A Story of Rage and Redemption

2494.00 руб.*

Evans Hopkins

Life After Life : A Story of Rage and Redemption

Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 304
Book Description Life After Life is the haunting and gloriously redemptive tale of Evans D. Hopkins's many lives, a sweeping journey from promising middle-class youth to civil rights militant, from criminal and convict to celebrated writer and enlightened man. Evans D. Hopkins was born during the Jim Crow era in a second-rate, segregated hospital, and educated in segregated primary schools in Danville, Virginia, a town that proudly proclaimed itself the "Last Capital of the Confederacy." With parents who stressed the value of education, as a teenager he was in the forefront of desegregation and the Civil Rights Movement. At the same time, he fell in love with the traditionally white man's game of tennis, modeling himself after his idol, the legendary Arthur Ashe, only to be swept off the courts by the Black Panther Party at the age of sixteen. Just out of high school, Hopkins moved to Panther headquarters in Oakland, California, where he spent two years writing...

Другие книги из раздела

Divorced from the Mob: My Journey from Organized Crime to Independent Woman

2629.00 руб.*

Andrea Giovino

Divorced from the Mob: My Journey from Organized Crime to Independent Woman

Book DescriptionDivorced from the Mob breaks the mob code of silence and describes the life of Andrea Giovino, a woman born and bred into the Mafia, and her inspirational escape. Sexy and street-smart, Giovino married a mob drug runner, earned a seat at '80s nightclub tables next to John Gotti, and took an emotional and bloody ride through organized crime. Hers was also the task of keeping her children safe-keeping the guns out of reach, washing bloodstains out of her husband's clothes-and maintaining the household's front as a model of American domesticity in her quietly luxurious Staten Island neighborhood of doctors and lawyers, all the while helping manage a criminal enterprise that raked in money. A murder, a DEA set-up, and FBI wiretaps finally brought Giovino, her husband, and her brother to the brink of prison. Defiantly, Giovino chose to retain her identity, facing down threats against her life and courageously divorcing herself and her children from the Gambino world of...
Chicken and Dumplings : A Poor Man's Diary

2621.00 руб.*

Raleigh E. McMillon Sr.

Chicken and Dumplings : A Poor Man's Diary

Book Description I was born on Long Island during the time Civil was still fighting for Rights in the Deep South. But up in the Northeast there was a different battle being fought. There was a clash of "the social class of no class." Everybody was tryingto get in where they could fit in. Every person wanted a piece of the pie. What we didn't know at the time was that the pie had already been devoured, and we were left fighting, amongst each other, for mere crumbs scattered upon the table. I am a productof that fight. I am a student of the class of no class. Not to add another unnecessary justification, but as children of an uncensored census, it seemed as long as I obeyed that which I was told, I would be all right living in the life that we lived. Thetruth? I wasn't living. We weren't living. My folks, who chose to teach us the art of survival, perceptibly, had little faith in God's promise. These days, 38 years later, when most people turn their back on change, I am accepting change...
The Ghosts of Vietnam : A memoir of growing up, going to war, and healing

1931.00 руб.*

Jim Stewart

The Ghosts of Vietnam : A memoir of growing up, going to war, and healing

Book DescriptionRaised in rural northeastern Maryland, Jim Stewart spends his childhood playing baseball, catching frogs in the woods, and learning to play guitar. A personal tragedy strikes the day he graduates from high school. Jim finds the need to leave home and joins the army in February of 1966. After a grueling stint in basic training, Jim is shipped off to Vietnam as a military policeman. He endures mortar shelling, takes part in Operation Cedar Falls, and makes lifelong friends along theway. While stationed at Saigon, he even meets a girl, falls in love, and has a child. After his tour of duty ends, Jim returns to Vietnam determined to be with Mai. When he starts working at the Army Post Exchange in Saigon, Mai gives birth to their daughter. Jim insists they move to America, but Mai refuses. Jim then makes a decision that will haunt him the rest of his life. Rich with detail and brimming with emotion, Jim shares his extraordinary journey through a...
Brainstorming: Life After Acquired Brain Injury

1889.00 руб.*

Dora Camp

Brainstorming: Life After Acquired Brain Injury

As a result of strokes, aneurysms, brain tumors, auto accidents, and common falls, more than two million people suffer brain injuries each year, making acquired brain injury (ABI) a leading cause of disability. Norm Camp suffered a massive coronary attack that stopped his heart; by the time paramedics could reach him, his oxygen-deprived brain had suffered considerable damage. In minutes, the active skier, golfer, cyclist, tennis player, and vice president of a research and development company had lost the most basic skills: Norm could no longer speak, eat, walk, read, or bathe. Determined to help her husband recover a full and productive life, Norm?s wife, Dora, became his primary caregiver, and thus began a seven-year journey through a well-meaning healthcare system that was insufficiently prepared to deal with brain-injured individuals.
Corned Beef On Lies : The Laugh Track From My 83-Year Life Trek

1320.00 руб.*

Gloria Krasnow Liebenson

Corned Beef On Lies : The Laugh Track From My 83-Year Life Trek

Book DescriptionYou will laugh (and cry a little) on your way through this thoroughly enjoyable read. Gloria's book is a compilation of mostly very funny highlights of her life - beginning at age six and capping off with a "tryst" in her eighties. The daughter of "Russian Intelligentsia" parents who emigrated from Kiev and Odessa, she grew up in Chicago with her two screwball older brothers and, after World War II, migrated to Washington, D.C. with her young husband, Herbert Liebenson. Although Gloria's voice is quintessentially American, evoking memories of Erma Bombeck, one is reminded as well, of Fanny Brice and Molly Goldberg. This is really an urban version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Contact Glor: glor15@juno.com
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